Month: February 2017

Time Flies

timeAs I contemplated on how quickly January & February have melted away, unlike the snow still sitting on my lawn.  I wondered why I am  so fixated on this time flying phenomenon.  It has done it for years!  Why act surprised?  Why not concentrate on the soaring I am capable of.

It is so easy to think of the things I am not that great at.   Lately I have been trying to concentrate on the things I am good at.  I am not a good detail person, you may be.  I am great at getting things done and  organizing my time and environment…I decided to focus and  practice that for the last month.   Wow! It really feels good to acknowledge what I am good at and what I have accomplished instead of beating myself up because I didn’t do more!   I was able to accomplish so much more with this attitude.  I felt like I really soared.

What are you good at?  Lets share some of our triumphs. This could be a Solution to the anxiety and stress we are feeling.  Focus on our strengths, focus on our children’s strengths and most of all be a cheerleader.  Lets all Soar this week.




Should I refinance?

Should I refinance or buy a new home?

When does refinancing make sense to you? A rule of thumb is 1% below your current interest rate IF you are not planning on selling for the next 3 years. If you are save your money.

Perhaps you are thinking of refinancing to a 15 year loan to save 1000’s, or to get rid of mortgage insurance?  Lots of options, call us and we will assist you in getting the best one for you.

We are really excited to be able to assist our clients in achieving their financial goals by helping them with their refinancing options. One thing you will ALWAYS be able to count on  is that we will be honest with you. If it only makes sense for the lender, it isn’t right for you. I will help you evaluate your situation so you can determine if it would be good for you! Credit less than perfect? We can help you clean your credit up so you can take advantage of these amazing interest rates  & great buys. Call Barb  or Bryan at 801 694 5232. Honest answers guaranteed.



Whether you are thinking of selling your home or just want a peaceful place to call home, it is imperative to de-clutter. We all have a lot of things in our home that do not add to the quality of our life, instead they detract. Take a look around you as though you were a visitor and decide if your ” Things” are contributing or detracting to life.  If your things aren’t bringing you joy they need to go.   We are a society with too much stuff.  Having less will make you enjoy what you have so much more.

Sharing your things with others will free up space in your life and bless someone else!  It will give you free time, as you are not always looking for things, everything will have a home.  You will not be feeling guilty when you are relaxing because you are not up trying to organize it.  You can actually sit and relax.

The way to start is by de-cluttering, sorting and sharing one corner at a time.   Before  you know it you will  make your home a beautiful peaceful place to live.

4 Tips to having order in your home

  1. Find a home for everything
  2. Never leave a room without taking what you brought in, back to its home.
  3. Pick up as you go.  Make every step count.
  4. Flat surfaces are work and display… Not for storage.cozy-kitchen

What’s your WOW?

Some rare homes just naturally have Wow’s.  The rest of us have to make those wow’s.  What is a wow?  It’s what makes people walk into a room or drive by a home and say WOW, that is awesome. It isn’t that hard to get wow’s.  Wow isn’t having a clean house that is clutter free.  That is a must.  A Wow is a feature or extra in a home that makes the house stand out.  It makes a potential buyer or visitor think about the home long after they have seen it. Here are a few ways to create a wow:dream-home-3

  •  Stand back and view your home from the street, does it welcome you to come explore or do you see the garbage can first, then the pair of skates the kids left out last week? Does it need a some flowers, a pretty wreath, a fresh coat of paint on the door or maybe some new shutters.  It doesn’t cost a lot to make your home have curb appeal.
  •   When you approach your  front door, what do you see?  Sticky prints from the dog or kids?  Grease smears around the handle?  Peeling paint or a porch in need of sweeping?  Come into your home as though you’ve never been there before and be judgmental.. Then get hot. Wipe, clean, paint and maybe buy a new welcome mat.
  • At the door of a room ask yourself if money was no object what could a wow be for that particular space. When you answer that question, then figure out a way to do that wow on your budget.  It may be a trip to your favorite thrift shop and a bucket of paint is  all that is needed.


  •  What is your wow?  Every house should have at least one. It may be a water feature that you will plan to leave, it may be a welcoming front door arrangement that you take.  It could be a fabulous kitchen or gorgeous fireplace.  It could be expertly arranged furniture that invites you to come sit down.  It is what makes your home  or room stand out.  Wow’s are never found in a cluttered area, start now to find your wow and make it shine.
  • As you enter a room, what is the first thing your eye is drawn to?  That is where your wow needs to be.  Add a small water feature, make a great arrangement to showcase that spot.  Wows don’t need to cost a lot of money… you may already have your wow and it is just buried with your stuff.  Have a treasure hunt and Find your Wow! It might be outside.




Credit Clean up

For years The Solutions Team has offered Free credit clean up to our clients, so they could purchase a home.  We were able to get a lot of them into  new homes by helping them clean up their credit fast.  It WORKED actually for 100% of those who participated, who did what we asked them to do & who didn’t give up and get discouraged.    It seemed like a great program and a wonderful thing  for them when we reached that goal.

foreclosureSadly the majority of them ended up losing their homes after they got into it.  We felt very sad that they had to go through the trauma and having their credit right back where it was before or Worse.  We felt like maybe this wasn’t such a blessing for them.

That’s when we changed our credit clean up program.  We added education on how to create new habits and wise money principles that would let them have a change of thinking… spending less than they make.  It wasn’t as easy, it actually took 6 weeks of classes.    An interesting thing about our program,  the demand for it dropped drastically.  Where before we had 2 or 3 credit clean up appointments a week, we now have 2 or 3 a year.  What does this say about our society who wants instant fixes and immediate results?      Our credit clean up is FREE  so why don’t people want to pay the price to get on top of their problem?  Like I previously  thought, it is not about having enough money, what it is really about is CHOICES!   Choosing to be responsible and self-reliant.  Living with in your means.  It’s about having FREEDOM!  Call us when you are ready for that.  We can help.